Exam Schedule:- Sectionals

This is the simplest package you would get anywhere . Why simple? What we intend to do with separate sectionals is make you think while answering. To put a thought before answering means you are analyzing the concepts associated with the question. In this package too, you would get a total of 600 questions from History, Polity, Geography, Economics, Environment & Science and Culture. This package is simple as the UPSC exam would be. Read, Analyse and Answer.


UPSC Mock Test Series Package details and Pricing

We offer you 6 different options to choose from. A Complete Package of 33 full length tests at a price of Rs 3750. A Current affairs Package with 6 tests + 1 Complimentary at a price of Rs 750. A Sectional Package with 6 tests at a price of Rs 750. A Comprehensive Package with 13 tests + 1 Complimentary at a price of Rs 1600. A Possibles Package with 2 tests at a price of Rs 300 or you could opt for a single test of your choice at Rs 199.

How To Prepare for Sectional Test

Solving Mock Tests is recommended as the best strategy by all the toppers. When we enter into the final months of preparation it is time to solve the maximum number Multiple Choice Question. The more questions you solve the more challenge you put up for yourself.  

The core subjects are History , Polity , Geography and Economics and since the UPSC Preliminary examination is for both Civil Services and Indian Forests Service one cannot skip the Environment & Science. In Preparing this sectional test we kept in mind the golden words of UPSC- “ The exam is to test the basic knowledge of a candidate”- All the tests in sectional package are intended to give the aspirant a thorough grip over the subject and by doing this test package an aspirant would be able to raise his bar from the level of knowledge to that of understanding the concepts.