Exam Details and Syllabus

  • Free – Union Budget 2017 Mock Test [FT06]

    07 Feb 2017

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    Free Union Budget 2017 Test  will help you in evaluating your understanding about Budget 2017 recently tabled in the Parliament of India. We have prepared 40 questions based exclusively on Union Budget 2017 to make yourself updated on the topic in a UPSC Preliminary Exam  pattern.

    India Budget 2017

  • Free-Comprehensive Test [FT05]

    28 Jan 2017

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    This  free test comprehensively covers the syllabus as mentioned by UPSC. The topics for the questions are selected from the following sources:

    • Current Affairs : The Hindu
    • History: Bipan Chandra & NCERT
    • Indian Polity: Laxmikant
    • Geography : NCERT
    • Economics: NCERT & NEWSPAPER

    This free test contains questions from all the areas as mentioned in the UPSC Preliminary Syllabus 2016-2017. We have arranged the questions in a balanced manner with 5 questions in current affairs, 5 in Geography & environment, 5 in  History , 5 in Polity  and 5 in Economics . By taking the test you can get the feel of a UPSC Preliminary Examination.

  • Free-Environment & Ecology Test [FT04]

    26 Jan 2017

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    Environment and Ecology has occupied a prime spot in UPSC prelims since 2011 and UPSC has clearly mentioned that it does not expect subject specialization from you in this area. In this free test, we are provide you an idea as to how questions appear in UPSC Preliminary Examination from this area. It would be a great mistake if you ignore this subject while your preparations for the Prelims Exam.

    • NCERT – Class XII- Biology – Last 5 Chapters
    • Environmental Studies by R Rajagopalan
  • Free-Indian Polity Test [FT03]

    24 Jan 2017

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    Indian Polity and Governance is an inevitable part of UPSC Syllabus that you must be thorough with. This free test on Indian Polity provides you an insight about how questions can be asked from various heads under the subject.  The trend in questions asked in previous years from the topic can be accessed here. This test helps you to evaluate and analyse whether your present strategy of preparation must be modified  or not.

    The questions are based on

    • NCERT-Class XI- Indian Constitution at Work
    • Indian Polity by Laxmikant
    • Governance in India by Laxmikant


  • Free-Current Affairs Test [FT02]

    22 Jan 2017

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    Mock Test 1 is strictly based on Current Affairs. The questions are taken from Newspapers -The Hindu, The Indian Express and PIB and modelled on UPSC Prelims Examination pattern and style. You can refresh and evaluate your knowledge on Daily Newspaper Events in the test.

    Current events of national and international importance

    Questions are based on

    1. The Hindu
    2. The Indian Express
    3. PIB
  • Free-Geography Test [FT01]

    20 Jan 2017

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    Geography, in UPSC prelims, has close association with Environment and Ecology and events of current importance. Given the close borders it shares with environment and with the recent addition of Indian Forest Services (IFoS) qualifier along with prelims, the relevance of the subject has gone up. This free test is designed to give you an understanding as to how questions may come from the subject.

    • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.
    • NCERT- Class VI- Earth Our Habitat
    • NCERT- Class VII- Our Environment
    • NCERT- Class VIII- Resources and Development
    • NCERT-Class IX- Contemporary India I
    • NCERT- Class X- Contemporary India II
    • NCERT – Class XI- Indian Physical Environment & Fundamentals of Physical Geography
    • NCERT- Class XII- Fundamentals of Human Geography & India-People and Economy