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Basics of Cyber Security

  1. Challenges to internal security through communication networks
  2. Role of media & social networking sites in internal security challenges
  • https://www.dsci.in/taxonomypage/241

2013 MAINS

  1. Cyber warfare is considered by some defense analysts to be a larger threat than even Al Qaeda or terrorism. What do you understand by Cyber warfare? Outline the cyber threats which India is vulnerable to and bring out the state of the country’s preparedness to deal with the same. 

2015 MAINS

  1. Discuss the advantage and security implications of cloud hosting of servers vis-a-vis in-house machine-based hosting for government businesses.
  2. Considering the threats cyberspace poses for the country, India needs a “Digital Armed Force” to prevent crimes. Critically evaluate the National Cyber Security Policy, 2013 outlining the challenges perceived in its effective implementation.