• General Studies – 1
  • General Studies – 2
  • General Studies – 3
  • General Studies – 4

Statutory & Quasi-judicial bodies

  1. Central Vigilance Commission
  2. Central Information Commission
  3. State Information Commission
  4. Human Rights Commission
  5. Women’s Commission
  6. Competition Commission of India
  7. TRAI
  8. Intellectual Property Appellate Board
  9. Cyber Security Tribunal
  10. Administrative Tribunals
  • LaxmiKant on Indian Polity

2014 MAINS

  1. The setting up of a Rail Tariff Authority to regulate fares will subject the cash-strapped Indian Railways to demand subsidy for obligation to operate non-profitable routes and services. Taking into account the experience in the power sector, discuss if the proposed reform is expected to benefit the consumers, the Indian Railways or the private container operators.
  2. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in India can be most effective when its tasks are adequately supported by other mechanisms that ensure the accountability of a government. In light of above observation assess the role of NHRC as an effective complement to the judiciary and other institutions in promoting and protecting human rights standards.