• General Studies – 1
  • General Studies – 2
  • General Studies – 3
  • General Studies – 4

Social Sector Schemes and Policies

  1. Millennium Development Goals vs Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Health Sector Schemes
  3. Issues of Antibiotics and Super Bug
  4. Draft Health Policy
  5. Education Schemes
  6. Higher education
  7. Foreign Universities Bill
  8. Technical Education
  9. Employment Yojanas
  10. Poverty Estimation
  11. BPL Census
  12. Socio-Economic Caste Census
  13. Direct Benefit Transfer
  14. Malnourishment
  15. Rural and Urban Poverty
  16. Comparison with other Countries
  17. Sen-Bhagwati Debate
  • Internet Sources

2015 MAINS

  1. The quality of higher education in India requires major improvement to make it internationally competitive. Do you think that the entry of foreign educational institutions would help improve the quality of technical and higher education in the country. Discuss.
  2. Public health system has limitation in providing universal health coverage. Do you think that private sector can help in bridging the gap? What other viable alternatives do you suggest?
  3. Though there have been several different estimates of poverty in India, all indicate reduction in poverty over time. Do you agree. Critically examine with reference to urban and rural poverty indicators.

2014 MAINS

  1. An athlete participates in Olympics for personal triumph and nation’s glory; victors are showered with cash incentives by various agencies, on their return. Discuss the merit of state-sponsored talent hunt and its cultivation as against the rationale of a reward mechanism as encouragement.
  2. Should the premier institutes like IITs/IIMs be allowed to retain premier status, allowed more academic independence in designing courses and also decide mode/criteria of selection of students. Discuss in light of the growing challenges.

2013 MAINS

  1. The concept of Mid Day Meal (MDM) scheme is almost a century old in India with early beginnings in Madras Presidency in pre-independent India. The scheme has again been given impetus in most states in the last two decades. Critically examine its twin objectives, latest mandates and success:
  2. The basis of providing urban amenities in rural areas (PURA) is rooted in establishing connectivity Comment.
  3. Identify the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that are related to health. Discuss the success of the actions taken by the Government for achieving the same.