• General Studies – 1
  • General Studies – 2
  • General Studies – 3
  • General Studies – 4

Important Geophysical phenomena

  1. Important Geophysical phenomena
  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunami
  • Volcanic activity
  • Cyclone

2. Geographical features and their location – changes in critical geographical features (including waterbodies and ice-caps) and in flora and fauna and the effects of such changes.

  • Majid Hussain- India and World Geography
  • Majid Hussain- Geography of India
  • Certificate  Physical and Human Geography – G C Leong
  • NCERT Geography- Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical geography

2015 MAINS

  1. How far do you agree that the behavior of the Indian monsoon has been changing due to humanizing landscape? Discuss.
  2. Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata are the three Mega cities of the country but the air pollution is much more serious problem in Delhi as compared to the other two. Why is this so?

2014 MAINS

  1. Tropical cyclones are largely confined to South China Sea, Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mexico. Why?
  2. Why are the world’s fold mountain systems located along the margins of continents? Bring out the association between the global distribution of fold mountains and the earthquakes and volcanoes?
  3. Bring out the relationship between the shrinking Himalayan glaciers and the symptoms of climate change in the Indian sub-continent.

2013 MAINS

  1. Bring out the causes for more frequent occurrence of landslides in the Himalayas than in the Western Ghats.
  2. There is no formation of deltas by rivers of the Western Ghats. Why?