• General Studies – 1
  • General Studies – 2
  • General Studies – 3
  • General Studies – 4

History of the World

  1. Period of exploration by Spain and Portuguese
  2. Rise of English Power
  3. Exploration of America
  4. Colonization by Western Powers
  5. Industrial revolution in England
  6. American war of Independence
  7. French Revolution
  8. Europe During World War I
  9. Russian Revolution
  10. Fall of Ottoman Empire
  11. Peace Treaties and Recovery of Europe
  12. Great Depression of 1930
  13. Rise of Hitler and Mussolini
  14. Europe Between 1934 to World War II
  15. World War II
  16. Defeat of ALLIED Powers by AXIS Powers
  17. Formation of United Nation Organisation
  18. African Apartheid
  19. Cold War Years
  20. Spread Of Communism
  21. Fall Of USSR
  23. IRAQ WAR
  25. Global Terrorism
  26. Global Economic Melt Down
  27. Chinese Economic might
  28. Climate change and Global Community
  30. Political Philosophies communism capitalism socialism etc. – their forms and effects .
  • The Story of Civilization-Arjun Dev [Old NCERT]
  • NCERT- Class IX- India and the Contemporary World I
  • NCERT- Class X- Indian and Contemporary World II
  • NCERT- Class XI- Themes in World History
  • Mastering Modern World History- 5th Edition -Norman Lowe

2015 MAINS

  1. Why did the industrial revolution first occur in England? Discuss the quality of life of the people there during the industrialization. How does it compare with that in India at present times?
  2. To what extent can Germany be held responsible for causing the two World Wars? Discuss critically.

2014 MAINS

  1. The New Economic Policy-1921 of Lenin had influenced the policies adopted by India soon after independence. Evaluate.

2013 MAINS

  1. “‘Latecomer’ Industrial Revolution in Japan involved certain factors that were markedly different from what West had experienced.” Analyze.
  2. ’Africa was chopped into States artificially created by accidents of European competition.” Analyze.
  3. ‘’American Revolution was an economic revolt against mercantilism.” Substantiate.
  4. What policy instruments were deployed to contain the Great Economic Depression?