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  1. Equatorial vegetation
  2. Tropical Vegetation
  3. Deciduous Vegetation
  4. Desert Vegetation
  5. Temperate Vegetation
  6. Grassland Vegetation
  7. Taiga
  8. Tundra


  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography- Goh Cheng Leong-Chapters 3-10

[2011 Prelims]

1)If a tropical rain forest is removed, it does not regenerate quickly as compared to a tropical deciduous forest. This is because ?

(a) The soil of rain forest is deficient in nutrients.

(b) Propagules of the trees in a rain forest have poor viability.

(c) The rain forest species are slow growing.

(d) Exotic species invade the fertile soil of rain forest.

[2012 Prelims]

1)Which one of the following is the characteristic climate of the Tropical Savannah Region?

a Rainfall throughout the year

b Rainfall in winter only

c An extremely short dry season

d. A definite dry and wet season

[2013 Prelims]

1)Which of the following is/are unique characteristic/characteristics of equatorial forests?

  1. Presence of tall, closely set trees with crowns forming a continuous canopy
  2. Coexistence of a large number of species
  3. Presence of numerous varieties of epiphytes

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 and 3 only

(c) 1 and 3 only  

2)”Climate is extreme, rainfall is scanty and the people used to be nomadic herders.”The above statement best describes which of the following regions?

(a) African Savannah

(b) Central Asian Steppe

(c) North American Prairie

(d) Siberian Tundra 2013 Prelims