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Territory and Citizenship

Part 1 of the Indian Constitution deals with Territory of India- the name of the country, the constituent states, who has the power to add or establish new states, internal adjustment of existing states, the procedure to be followed in creating a state etc. A reading through the topic is essential, but questions are asked rarely in the preliminary examination.

The second topic, Citizenship concerns with the relationship of State with its people. Articles 5-11 of Indian Constitution and Citizenship Act, 1955 deals with citizenship related laws in India. Again questions are rarely asked from this area for Prelims. But basic knowledge and recent updations regarding PIO -OCI cards, NPR, Aadhar etc are quite relevant from the  Mains point of view.

  1. Citizenship Act 1955
  2. PIO-OCI Cards Merger
  3. Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016.
  • Laxmikant 4th edition: Chapter 5, 6

No questions are asked for last 5 years.