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Modern Indian History from 1707 – 1765

  • From the death of Aurangzeb to  Battle of Buxar
  • Handing over the Diwani Rights to East India Company
  • Bipin Chandra- History of Modern India- Chapters 1,2 & 3

[2010 Prelims]

1)What was the immediate reason for Ahmad Shah Abdali to invade India and fight the Third Battle of Panipat?
(a) He wanted to avenge the expulsion by Marathas of his victory Timur Shah from Lahore.
(b) The frustrated governor of Jullundhar Adina Beg Khan invited him to invade Punjab.
(c) He wanted to punish Mughal administration for non – payment of the revenues of the Chahar Mahal (Gujarat, Aurangabad, Sialkot, and Pasrur).
(d) He wanted to annex all the fertile plains of Punjab up to the borders of Delhi to his kingdom.