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What UPSC says?

Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.

About the subject:

Geography, in UPSC prelims, has close association with Environment and Ecology and events of current importance. Given the close borders it shares with environment and with the recent addition of Indian Forest Services (IFoS) qualifier along with prelims, the relevance of the subject has gone up.

The range of topics as prescribed by UPSC is diverse and includes areas such as physiography, rivers, minerals, climate, demography, agriculture and cropping, soil, human geography etc.

There is a need for conceptual clarity, knowledge of basic terms and sense of direction (literally) to master the topics. An aspirant also needs to ensure that he/she keeps an Atlas for reference at all times while studying Geography. Another thing to note is that, the approach should be dynamic than mechanically remembering locations, rivers etc. This would also help in bringing in the fun element in your approach.

Relevance of the subject:

The UPSC exam is of such huge proportion that aspirants can be placed anywhere across the globe through their lifetime. Knowledge of a country, its physical, economic and social conditions would be of considerable help in one’s administrative life.


It’s evident that Geography occupies a lion’s share in UPSC prelims. Roughly around 20 percent of the questions are asked from this area. Recently, UPSC has even gone back to its old trend of asking bout geographic locations in prelims. Hence, a candidate needs to keep himself updated about recent events in the newspaper and the location of the same.


  1. NCERT – 7 th to 12 th
  2. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong
  3. Geography of India – Majid Hussain (Not all chapters)
  4. D R Khullar- Indian Georgraphy