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[2011 Prelims]

1)In the context of global oil prices, “Brent crude oil” is frequently referred to in the news. What does this term imply ?
1. It is a major classification of crude oil.
2. It is sourced from north sea.
3. It does not contain sulphur.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a) 2 only.
(b) 1 and 2 only.
(c) 1 and 3 only.
(d) 1,2, and 3.

2)Recently , “ oilzapper’’ was in the news. What is it ?

(a)    It is an eco­-friendly technology for the remediation of oily sludge and oil spills

(b)    It is the latest technology developed for under­sea oil exploration.

(c)    It is a genetically engineered high biofuel ­yielding  maize Variety.

(d)    It is the latest technology to control the accidentally  caused flames from oil wells.