In this final hours of preparation for 2017 Preliminary examination you might be running around with current affairs preparation. Skipping the current portion is like conceding failure before the actual test. This Series of Current affairs test brings you a total of 700 question covering a time period of one and a half years starting from January 2016 to June 2017. The sources include The Hindu , The Business Line , PIB,  Yojana, Budget , Economic Survey , Down to Earth , Frontline and other relevant sites of Gov. of India. Try this 700 questions to secure your current affairs preparation.


UPSC Mock Test Series Package details and Pricing

We offer you 6 different options to choose from. A Complete Package of 33 full length tests at a price of Rs 3750. A Current affairs Package with 6 tests + 1 Complimentary at a price of Rs 750. A Sectional Package with 6 tests at a price of Rs 750. A Comprehensive Package with 13 tests + 1 Complimentary at a price of Rs 1600. A Possibles Package with 2 tests at a price of Rs 300 or you could opt for a single test of your choice at Rs 199.

How To Prepare for current affairs test

Solving Mock Tests is recommended as the best strategy by all the toppers. When we enter into the final months of preparation it is time to solve the maximum number Multiple Choice Question. The more questions you solve the more challenge you put up for yourself.

In this Current Affairs Package , we have prepared 7 full length test or 700 question based on important news that figured over the last year and a half. All the questions are purely based on UPSC syllabus and covers a spectrum of newspapers like The Hindu , The Business Line, PIB and magazines like Yojana, Frontline , Down to Earth and also we have included the Budget, Economic Survey  and India 2017. These 700 MCQs and their explanations would immensely help you to secure the Current Affairs Segment for this year’s Preliminary Examination.